Why Patient Satisfaction?
Capson PatientImpact Solution
Survey Process
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Why Patient Satisfaction?

Learn the basics of patient satisfaction and how it can make a huge impact on your practice.


Our Solution

Learn how our simple solution makes it easy for you to get started gathering data.


Survey Process

We’ve built the process from the ground up for you – and your patients – so you can start measuring and improving right away.


Robust Reporting 

See for yourself just how powerful – and easy to use – our reporting tool can be.


Introducing the Caspon PatientImpact Program powered by Press Ganey  
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Better understand what your patients think to deliver more patient-centric, efficient care and improve your practice.

Welcome to the Capson PatientImpact Program, powered by Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction measurement and improvement.
The PatientImpact Program was specifically designed for two reasons:  

  1. Educate our insured members on the importance and impact that meaningful and compliant patient satisfaction can have on you and your practice
  2. Provide an easy to use survey and reporting tool so that you can begin to incorporate compliant patient satisfaction surveys and reporting in your practice

As an insured member of Capson, you have access to the program’s resources to further educate you on the importance and impact of patient satisfaction and our unique solution to patient satisfaction.
And as an added benefit, you can enroll and use the Patient Survey and Reporting program, allowing you to collect patient feedback and review results in a matter of minutes.
If you are not currently enrolled in the program, click here to learn more and get started. If you are currently enrolled, go to the Survey/Reporting login to begin collecting feedback.
Never before has it been so critical to ensure you’re listening to how your patients feel about you and your practice.  With skyrocketing operating costs and pending pay-for-performance regulations, you need every tool at your disposal to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your practice. 
It’s also common sense; giving your patients a voice – truly enabling them to share their views on the in-office experience – helps you identify and address issues early on, maintain healthy relationships that result in lifelong retention, and create patient evangelists who grow your practice for you.  Ultimately, enhancing your patient relationships can even lower the frequency of non-meritorious medical malpractice claims.

Capson is committed to helping you better your practice and preventing medical malpractice claims from occurring in the first place. Which is why we’ve partnered with Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction measurement and improvement for over 25 years. Press Ganey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our patient satisfaction program, as they work with over 10,000 health care organizations nationwide, including half of all U.S. hospitals.

“We noticed immediate results when we started surveying patients.” 

Barry Matthews
Midwest Orthopaedics at RUSH, COO